Cover Designs

The Touchless Boat Cover is custom designed for your boat lift, boat, boathouse and dock

Intercoastal Lift

The Touchless Boat Cover frame design is higher in the center to shed off water and provide roof like protection from all weather elements. Angle brackets, ridge support, and risers are custom built to fit measurements of your dock, boat, boathouse, and boat lift.


Bracket frame design is custom built from measurements of boathouse, boat lift, dock, and boat. Ridge support available in 5 inches, 10 inches, and 15 inches. Welded truss member support possible for cover orders over 12 feet. Custom boot / tower cavity design is available.

Mechanical Lift

    • Built over free standing lifts with 15-inch ridge support
    • Easy to dismantle for seasonal weather purposes:
    • To take out of water up North during winter season
    • To put back in water when tide rises

Personal Water Craft Frame

PWC or jet ski frame designs can use either of our mainframe designs: intercoastal or boat house, whichever is best suited for your project. More than one PWC? No problem, The Touchless Boat Cover for your PWC can include a single or double design to protect more. Depending on your PWC, The Touchless Boat Cover can be built with no brackets and use only support cables.

Floating Dock

    • Risers are bolted to side of floating dock, cover rises with dock rising

Free Standing

    • Frames are anchored and mounted on the ground
    • Built to cover anything and everything: RV’s, golf carts, cars, boats
    • Heavy duty cables and pullies, and multiple motors are available depending on length, width and side height measurements

Did we not mention your boat, lift or dock? Contact us or find your local dealer to find out about a custom Touchless Boat Cover we can design for you!

Boat lifts we work closely with: Deco, Hi-Tide, Shore Station, Shore Master, Sunstream, Dura-Lift, RGC Boat Lifts and Docks.

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